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Road Bikes

The best option for traveling fast and putting a lot of miles behind you. These bikes have
very narrow wheels and high-pressure tires designed for moving quickly. Multiple hand
placements allow the rider to use several different riding positions.


Mountain Bikes

The best (and really the only) option for off-road cycling. These bikes have wider wheels,
low-pressure tires, and sometimes suspension (shocks) to dampen impacts. Many mountain
bike owners use their bikes for urban commuting because they can take more abuse.


Fitness Hybrids

A bicycle with some of the characteristics of a road bike and some of the characteristics of a
mountain bike. The fitness variation of the hybrid is closer to a road bike due to the narrow
wheels and high-pressure tires.


Comfort Bikes

A bicycle with some of the characteristics of a road bike and some characteristics of a cruiser
bike. The “Comfort” variation of the hybrid is less aggressive than the “Fitness” variation, and
has a more upright riding position and usually some kind of suspension (shocks).


Single Speed / Fixed

These bikes have narrow wheels like a road bike, but have only one gear. Most Single-Speed
bikes can also be used as “Fixed Gear” bikes, meaning that the pedals and the drive-train are
“fixed” to the wheel. So as long as the bike is in motion… you can’t stop pedaling.



Designed for maximum comfort, these bikes have low-pressure “balloon” tires, wider seats,
and a relaxed riding position.


Once Ridden Bikes

For more than 10 years we’ve been providing quality bikes, excellent service, and honesty to our customers. Knowing that satisfied customers will spread the word about us, we do very little advertising. And our business has grown every year.