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Joe Kitchen

After 16 years in the big corporate rat race, I had to make a decision to either find another job driving a desk, or do something entirely different. Sure 5 day work weeks, paid vacations, and 401K plans were nice, but I decided to go in another direction entirely. So I took a suggestion from my father in law and used my severance package to open Once Ridden Bikes in October of 2003. I still miss the 401K, but I’ve grown fond of bologna and lime Kool-Aid and I’m glad I did.

Roger Atkins

Roger has been an avid cyclist for 30 years. He was a “regular” at the bike shop for years getting parts and talking shop. He was spending so much time with us that in ’06 I decided that as long as he was hanging around I might as well put him to work. He’s been with us ever since. He’s very knowledgeable and has been a great asset to the shop.

Isaiah Hughes

Isaiah was at one time a regular customer at the store, always looking to upgrade his "fixie". He mentioned once that he was tired of the job he had and was looking forward to doing something else. It was only a few weeks later we put him to work. He's our resident "hipster" and keeps us up to date on the latest trends and lingo. He's a fairly quiet guy, but if you get him going on a topic he feels strongly about he'll get fired up. He's a good bike mechanic too.